All the best services for your children,
always available, free of charge

Residence Veliero is perfect for a family vacation
Parents and children can enjoy their vacation at the sea, we'll take care of everything.
You'll finally enjoy a vacation without having to overload the car
just tell us what you need, and you'll find it directly in the apartment, free of charge!

We are the best apartment hotel for families
with children on the Romagna Riviera.
At Residence Veliero “everything for children”
is not just a slogan.

Air conditioning
Air conditioning Free | Residence VelieroFree
Air conditioning Free | Other residencesFree
Kids playground
Kids playground Free | Residence VelieroFree
Kids playground Free | Other residencesFree
Bicycles with child seat
Bicycles with child seat Free | Residence VelieroFree
Bicycles with child seat Free | Other residencesFree
Entertainment at the beach
Entertainment at the beach Free | Residence VelieroFree
Entertainment at the beach Paid service | Other residencesPaid service
Linen Free | Residence VelieroFree
Linen Paid service | Other residencesPaid service
Stroller Free | Residence VelieroFree
Stroller | Other residences
Cot Free | Residence VelieroFree
Cot | Other residences
Linen for kids and pillow
Linen for kids and pillow Free | Residence VelieroFree
Linen for kids and pillow | Other residences
High chair
High chair Free | Residence VelieroFree
High chair | Other residences
Kids' food kit
Kids' food kit Free | Residence VelieroFree
Kids' food kit | Other residences
Bottle warmers
Bottle warmers Free | Residence VelieroFree
Bottle warmers | Other residences
Disposable bibs
Disposable bibs Free | Residence VelieroFree
Disposable bibs | Other residences
Night light
Night light Free | Residence VelieroFree
Night light | Other residences
Baby beds with rails
Baby beds with rails Free | Residence VelieroFree
Baby beds with rails | Other residences
Microwave Sterilizer
Microwave Sterilizer Free | Residence VelieroFree
Microwave Sterilizer | Other residences
Waterproof mattress cover
Waterproof mattress cover Free | Residence VelieroFree
Waterproof mattress cover | Other residences
Baby baths
Baby baths Free | Residence VelieroFree
Baby baths | Other residences

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The Residence Veliero is extremely spacious and offers great flexibility; if you want to stay on the beach until evening, you can or even better, you can just have a quick bite to eat at lunchtime and then continue sunbathing.

Our games area means kids can play happily while mums prepare their meals in the apartment. Fitted with child seats, our bicycles will help you stay in shape and give you the chance to visit the surrounding area with your youngsters.

Ask us about which theme or amusement park is ideal for your children and we’ll try to give you the best advice we can.

A dilemma for all parents is finding the best destination for their children?
San Mauro Mare is ideal because it’s a small resort town on the coast of Romagna that is great for young guests. Its beaches offer everything necessary to keep them happy. The sand slopes gently down to the sea, where even youngsters can bathe safely.

The resort has two lush green parks with playground areas and the pedestrian zone means you can take a walk in the evening in all safety as there’s almost no traffic. You’ll find peace and tranquillity and all the delights that only a small village can offer.

We have all you need in terms of shopping; there’s a deli selling ready dishes for those who don’t want to cook, numerous restaurants also offer a takeaway service and if that weren’t enough, the region’s largest shopping centre is 800 metres away, just outside the resort.
And that’s without forgetting the hospitality that is the hallmark of our region.

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